Histoire des bijoux à travers les époques
Histoire des bijoux à travers les époques


Jewelry has always been much more than just accessories. They reflect the art and culture of each era, as well as the values ​​and beliefs of each civilization. In this journey through the history of jewelry, we will explore how these precious creations have evolved and played a central role throughout the ages.

Antiquity: Emergence of Primitive Jewelry

The First Symbols of Status and Spirituality

Since ancient times, jewelry has been used to mark social status and express spirituality. Amulets and pendants were worn to protect against malevolent forces, while the pharaohs of Egypt sported lavish jewelry to symbolize their divine power.

Materials and Techniques Used

Materials varied greatly, from shells and bones to precious metals like gold and silver. Manufacturing techniques were often rudimentary but resulted in masterpieces of craftsmanship.

Ancient Greek jewelry

Medieval Era: Ornamentation and Symbolism

Religious Jewelry and the Power of Religion

In medieval times, jewelry took on deep religious significance. Crosses, medals, and religious icons were worn to express faith, and jewelry was often given as a symbol of blessing.

The Influence of the Crusades on Style

The Crusades opened trade routes to the Orient, bringing with them Eastern influences into medieval jewelry design. Colorful gems, enamels and intricate details became popular.

Pendant from the medieval era

Renaissance: Reverence for Art and Beauty

Jewels of High Society and the Royal Court

The Renaissance saw the rise of sumptuous jewelry for high society and the royal court. Jewelry was a sign of wealth and refinement, often adorned with pearls, diamonds and precious stones.

The Use of Precious Stones and Gems

Knowledge of gemstones expanded, and jewelers began to explore the unique qualities of each gem. Diamonds, emeralds, sapphires and rubies were used to create priceless pieces.

Representation of Renaissance necklaces

Victorian Period: Emotions and Etiquette

Mourning Jewelry and Coded Messages

The Victorian period saw the emergence of mourning jewelry, worn to honor deceased loved ones. Jewelry was also used to convey secret messages, often through the use of specific stones and symbols.

The Eclectic Style and Influence of Queen Victoria

Queen Victoria greatly influenced jewelry fashion. Her marriage to Prince Albert popularized gold and diamond jewelry, and the style of the time was eclectic, mixing elements of the past and exotic inspirations.

Victorian Brooch

Art Nouveau and Art Deco: Revolution in Design

The Expression of Individuality in Art Nouveau

Art Nouveau brought a revolution in jewelry design with its emphasis on individuality and emotion. Organic shapes, curves and patterns inspired by nature were characteristic of this era.

The Elegant Geometry of Art Deco

Art Deco, on the other hand, favored elegant geometry and clean lines. Art Deco jewelry was symmetrical and often featured diamonds, onyx, and pearls. This period was marked by a strong contrast with the preceding Art Nouveau.

Art Deco ring

Modern Times: Plurality of Styles

The 60s and the Hippie Movement

The 60s saw the advent of jewelry inspired by the hippie movement. Natural materials like wood and semi-precious stones were used to create colorful and bold jewelry, reflecting the quest for freedom and personal expression.

Contemporary Minimalism and High-Tech Jewelry

Today, contemporary jewelry embraces the diversity of styles. Minimalism is very popular, with clean and simple jewelry. Additionally, technology has enabled the creation of innovative jewelry, such as connected jewelry and 3D printing.

Minimalist gold-plated ring, MEORA Paris


The history of jewelry is a fascinating journey through time, reflecting the evolution of society, art and culture. From the simple shells of antiquity to the high-tech jewelry of today, these precious creations continue to captivate and inspire. At MEORA Paris, we celebrate this rich history by offering a range of gold plated and silver jewelry that combines tradition and modernity. Explore our collection and find pieces that tell your own story.


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