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Nos 5 bijoux à porter à la plage cet été
Nos 5 bijoux à porter à la plage cet été


The importance of beach accessories

Beach accessories play an essential role in creating a trendy and refined summer look. Whether it's a sunny day at the beach or a tanning session by the pool, gold-plated and silver jewelry adds a touch of elegance to your summer style. Necklaces, bracelets and earrings specially designed to resist water and sun allow you to feel comfortable and confident while enjoying the pleasures of the beach. These accessories also add a personal touch to your outfits, reflecting your taste and personality. So, don't forget to pack your favorite beach jewelry on your next summer getaways for a look that's both chic and carefree.

How jewelry can enhance your beach look

When getting ready for a sunny day at the beach, it is essential to choose your accessories carefully to complete your summer look. Gold plated and silver jewelry offer a great option for adding a touch of elegance to your beach style. In this article, we will present our five must-have jewelry pieces, specially designed to resist water and sun while enhancing your summer look. Whether you are looking for a feminine bracelet, jewelry specially adapted to the sea or water-resistant pieces, our selection will meet your expectations.

Factors to consider when choosing beach jewelry

Water and sun resistance

Resistance to water and sun is an essential criterion when choosing your beach jewelry. Our gold-plated, steel and silver jewelry is specially designed to withstand marine conditions and exposure to the sun, allowing you to fully enjoy your seaside activities. Thanks to their durable quality, you won't have to worry about taking them off every time you swim or sunbathe. Our water-resistant jewelry is both practical and stylish, keeping you looking impeccable throughout your summer days. Opt for jewelry that will accompany you without fail during your aquatic adventures and under the bright sun.

Style and personality

Before presenting our beach jewelry, it is important to take into account certain key factors when making your choice. First of all, opt for jewelry that is water and sun resistant. Indeed, marine conditions and exposure to the sun can be demanding on beach accessories, which is why our jewelry is specially designed to withstand these elements.

In addition to their resistance, our jewelry offers optimal comfort, allowing you to wear them all day without discomfort. They are also practical, easy to put on and take off, ideal for seaside activities.

Finally, we understand the importance of style and personality when choosing jewelry. Our collection offers a variety of fine designs, from timeless classics to trendier creations, so you can find the piece of jewelry that perfectly reflects your personal style.

Presentation of our 5 jewels to wear at the beach

1st jewel: Stone Desert Necklace

Description and characteristics

The Desert Stone Necklace is a true style statement inspired by the ocean. Made from natural stone, apatite, this necklace features a detailed round pendant with sparkling inlays. Its refined design captures the shine of the sun on the blue waters, adding a touch of glamor to your beach look.

How and with what to wear it

The Stone Desert Necklace goes beautifully with your V-neck tops or scoop-neck outfits. It can be worn solo to draw all eyes to this unique piece of jewelry, or paired with shorter necklaces to create a trendy layered effect. Whether you are on the beach or in the evening, this necklace will enhance your style in a dazzling way.

2nd jewel: Sun earrings

Description and characteristics

The Sun earrings embody the dazzling symbol of summer. Crafted in sparkling gold plating, these earrings feature a sun-shaped design that brings a sunny touch to your face. Light and comfortable, they will become your ideal companions for your seaside getaways.

How and with what to wear it

Sun Earrings go wonderfully with casual or dressy outfits. Wear them with a flowy dress and sandals for a bohemian chic look, or pair them with a matching swimsuit for a decidedly summer look. Whatever your choice, these earrings will brighten up your face in style.

3rd jewel: Ripple Ring

Description and characteristics

The Ripple Ring is a key piece in our beach jewelry collection. Made from water-resistant steel, this ring features a finely crafted pattern representing the ripples of waves. Its elegant design brings a touch of sophistication to your hands on vacation.

How and with what to wear it

The Ondulation Ring is easily worn every day or for special occasions. It pairs harmoniously with other fine rings to create a chic and modern look. You can also wear it alone as a centerpiece to highlight its unique design. Let this ring express your love for the sea and the beach with elegance.

4th jewel: Twisted Bracelet

Description and characteristics

The Torsade Bracelet is the ideal companion for your sunny days by the sea. Crafted in water-resistant silver or gold-plated, this bracelet showcases a delicate design inspired by marine elements. Details of shells and waves instantly evoke the relaxing atmosphere of the beach. Additionally, it is adjustable to fit your wrist perfectly.

How and with what to wear it

The Twist Bracelet goes perfectly with your summer outfits. Wear it with a light, flowy dress or a sleek swimsuit for a touch of beachy sophistication. Pair it with other thin bracelets for a trendy layered effect, or wear it alone for a chic minimalist look.

5th jewel: Lagoon Necklace

Description and characteristics

The Lagoon Necklace is specially designed to accompany your aquatic adventures. Made with water-resistant materials, this necklace combines strength and style. Its clean, modern design is inspired by the blue shades of the ocean, adding a touch of freshness to your wrist.

How and with what to wear it

The Lagoon Necklace is a versatile choice that goes with everything. You can wear it during your water activities, but it is also suitable for your outings in the city. Wear it solo for a minimalist look or pair it with other necklaces for a more casual look. Whatever you do, this necklace will follow you faithfully throughout your sunny days.


In short, beach jewelry is much more than just aesthetic accessories. They complete your summer look while resisting marine conditions and the sun's rays. Our five jewels presented here, the Stone Desert Necklace, the Sun Earrings, the Ripple Ring, the Twist Bracelet and the Lagoon Necklace, are all refined choices to enhance your seaside style.

Whether you're looking for a bracelet, necklace, earrings or ring, our collection offers a variety of fine designs that fit your personality. Opt for jewelry that is water and sun resistant, comfortable and elegant, to fully enjoy your days at the beach without compromising your style.

So, the next time you're getting ready for a sunny getaway, don't forget to choose beach jewelry that will highlight your natural beauty while celebrating the spirit of summer.

Find our complete collection of beach jewelry on our site, and get ready to shine under the summer sun with style and elegance!


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