Comparaison des bijoux doré à l’or fin, plaqué or et en or massif
Comparaison des bijoux doré à l’or fin, plaqué or et en or massif


When choosing jewelry, the material is one of the most important factors to consider. The material not only influences the appearance of jewelry, but also its durability and cost. In this article, we'll explore three common options: fine gold-plated jewelry, gold-plated jewelry, and solid gold jewelry. Understanding the characteristics, advantages and disadvantages of each material will help you make the perfect choice for your next piece of jewelry.

Jewelry gilded with Fine Gold

Characteristics of Gold to Fine Gold

Fine gold plating is a plating technique that uses a thin layer of pure gold, usually 24 karat, applied to a metal base such as silver or brass. This technique gives a shiny golden appearance to jewelry while allowing very affordable prices.

Disadvantages of Fine Gold Gilding

Fine gold-plated jewelry has a thinner layer of gold than gold-plated jewelry, which means it can wear out more quickly with regular use. The thin layer of gold can erode over time, although this depends on how often you wear your jewelry and how well you care for it. It is therefore strongly discouraged to wear them underwater.

Gold Plated Jewelry

Characteristics of Gold Plating

Gold plated jewelry is made by covering a metal base, usually brass or copper, with a thin layer of gold. This layer of gold is typically thicker than fine gold-plated jewelry, giving it a look and feel closer to solid gold.

Gold-plated necklace, MEORA Paris

Benefits of Gold Plating

Gold plated jewelry is a popular option because it offers a nice balance between the look of real gold and a more affordable price than solid gold. They are also durable and fade resistant. Gold-plated jewelry can maintain its shine for many years with proper care.

Disadvantages of Gold Plating

The main disadvantage of gold-plated jewelry is the wear of the gold layer over time but only after several years. It is important to maintain them with care to extend their lifespan; they will be easy to wear on a daily basis for several years while maintaining their shine.

Solid Gold

Characteristics of Solid Gold

Solid gold is the most valuable jewelry material. It is made from an alloy of pure gold and other metals to give it the necessary strength. Solid gold jewelry is made from 100% gold, which means it will not wear or discolor over time.

Advantages of Solid Gold

Solid gold jewelry is the epitome of luxury and durability. They retain their luster and value for generations. Additionally, they are hypoallergenic, making them suitable for all skin types. Solid gold is the ultimate choice for precious jewelry that is meant to be passed down as an heirloom.

Disadvantages of Solid Gold

The main disadvantage of solid gold is its high cost. Due to its purity and quality, solid gold jewelry is much more expensive than gold-plated or fine gold-plated jewelry. However, for those looking for flawless durability to last through generations, solid gold remains incomparable.

Comparison and Choice

Resistance and Durability

When it comes to strength and durability, solid gold takes the cake. It is virtually indestructible and retains its shine over generations. Gold-plated jewelry is also durable, it can be worn for several years without worries. Jewelry gilded with fine gold, for their part, remains delicate and unfortunately not very durable. To preserve them properly, you must avoid wearing them underwater or wearing them on a daily basis.

Price and Accessibility

In terms of price and accessibility, fine gold-plated and gold-plated jewelry are more affordable options compared to solid gold. They offer a beautiful alternative for those seeking the elegance of gold without the high cost. However, it is important to note that solid gold is a long-term investment that will retain its value.


The best value for money is therefore gold plated, which guarantees durable jewelry at a very affordable price. At MEORA Paris, we understand the importance of the choice of material in the creation of quality jewelry. That's why we offer a diverse range of gold-plated and silver jewelry, designed with care and attention to detail, to suit all tastes and needs. Explore our collection on MEORA to discover our latest creations and find the perfect piece of jewelry for every occasion.


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