Comment choisir le bon collier pour votre morphologie
Comment choisir le bon collier pour votre morphologie


The key to highlighting your personal style: choosing the necklace adapted to your body shape

The necklace is much more than a simple accessory. It can enhance your personal style and highlight your natural beauty. In this article, we will explore the art of choosing the perfect necklace based on your body shape. Find out how such a simple decision can have a significant impact on your appearance.

Identify Your Morphology

Common Body Shapes and How to Recognize Them

To begin, it is essential to identify your body type. Common body shapes include the figure 8, O, A, and H body shape. Each has its distinctive characteristics which we will explore.

Choose the Collar Based on Your Morphology

Necklaces for Figure 8 Shapes

Figure 8 shapes are characterized by shoulders and hips of similar width, with a well-defined waist. Y-shaped necklaces or long necklaces highlight their slender silhouette.

Y-necklace MEORA Paris

Necklaces for O Shapes

O shapes have generous curves and a less defined waist. Opt for long, flowing necklaces that create an illusion of height and elegance.

Long necklace MEORA Paris

Necklaces for A and H Morphologies

A-shaped shapes have hips that are wider than their shoulders. Short, bold necklaces draw attention upwards, balancing the silhouette.H shapes have shoulders and hips of similar width, with a shallow waist. Short, structured necklaces add definition to the waist.

Short necklace MEORA Paris

Necklace Styles

Short Necklaces vs. Long Necklaces

In addition to body shape, consider the length of the necklace. Short necklaces highlight the neckline, while long necklaces add elegance to your outfit.

Gold-plated necklaces

Gold plated necklaces are timeless and versatile, perfect for a touch of everyday glamour.

Silver necklaces

Silver necklaces are elegant and modern, ideal for a contemporary and refined look.

Tips for Showcasing Your Necklace

Choose the Appropriate Length

The length of the necklace should complement your body shape and your outfit. Make sure it falls in the right place for best effect.

Combine Necklaces for an Elegant Look

Feel free to layer different necklaces to create a unique and elegant look. Mix and match for a personal touch.

Necklaces MEORA Paris

Consider the Neckline of Your Outfit

The neckline of your outfit also plays a role. Choose necklaces that complement the style of your clothing.

Examples of Necklaces from MEORA Paris

Necklaces with Elegant Pendants

Discover our collection of steel, gold-plated and silver necklaces with elegant pendants that add a touch of sophistication to your outfit.

Aube necklace, MEORA Paris

Adjustable Chain Necklaces

Our adjustable chain necklaces offer exceptional versatility, allowing you to customize the length for the perfect fit.

Eternity Necklace, MEORA Paris

Pearl and Fine Stone Necklaces

For a touch of natural refinement, explore our pearl and gemstone necklaces that bring organic beauty to your look.

Desert Stone Necklace, MEORA Paris


Choosing the right necklace for your body shape is a powerful way to showcase your personal style. At MEORA Paris, we offer a variety of steel, gold-plated and silver necklaces to suit all tastes and body types. Explore our collection and discover how our necklaces can enhance your natural elegance.


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