L'histoire de l'argent en bijouterie et son évolution
L'histoire de l'argent en bijouterie et son évolution


Dive into the fascinating past of silver in jewelry and discover how MEORA Paris perpetuates this tradition.

Money in Antiquity

The First Silver Jewelry

In the annals of history, silver has always had a special place as a precious metal. The first silver jewelry dates back to Antiquity. They were often simple, but their beauty lies in their timeless elegance.

Money as a Symbol of Wealth and Power

Silver was not only used to create jewelry, but it was also a symbol of wealth and power. Silver coins were currencies used in trade and transactions. Silver jewelry was worn with pride by the privileged social classes of ancient times.

Small silver Roman ring: Nike holding a palm frond.

The Evolution of Silver Jewelry in the Middle Ages

Gothic Art and Silver Jewelry

The Middle Ages saw the advent of Gothic art, which influenced silver jewelry. The jewelry featured elaborate designs, such as crosses and floral designs, reflecting the faith and spirituality of the time.

Medieval Manufacturing Techniques

Medieval jewelers perfected manufacturing techniques, including chasing and engraving, to create unique pieces. Silver was cast into magnificent creations, often adorned with precious stones and pearls.

Antique fire-gilded and enameled silver ring, not hallmarked but tested as silver, probably merchant's ring or religious ring, Central Europe, 16th century.

Money in the Renaissance Period

The Italian Renaissance and Silver Jewelry

The Italian Renaissance brought a new era of creativity to silver jewelry. Jewelry was influenced by the art, architecture and scientific discoveries of the time. The silver has been worked in exquisite detail, creating pieces that are true works of art.

The Influence of the Great Discoveries on Jewelry

With the Great Discoveries, new raw materials and precious stones were introduced to Europe. Silver has become the ideal setting for these gems, creating increasingly precious and varied jewelry.

High period, silver devotional brooch or pendant characterized by a decoration of scrolls and branches and cherubs while at the bottom the head of a faun, in the center a gilded copper plate.

The Victorian Era: Money and Romanticism

Mourning Jewelry and Sentimental Jewelry

The Victorian era saw the emergence of silver jewelry that conveyed emotion. Mourning jewelry and sentimental jewelry were often made of silver and adorned with stones like agate, jet, and cameos, creating memorable pieces.

Money as a Canvas for Precious Stones

Victorian jewelers used silver as a canvas to showcase gemstones. Rings, necklaces and brooches featured dazzling stones in finely crafted silver settings.

Flower bouquet brooch; 19th century in silver; turquoise petals and fine half-pearl corolla.

Art Deco: Modernism and Elegance

The Evolution of Forms and Designs

The Art Deco era brought a radical change in jewelry. Geometric shapes, clean lines and bold designs were common. Silver was used to create modern jewelry, reflecting the spirit of that era.

Money in Art Deco

Silver was often combined with materials such as onyx, coral and lapis lazuli, creating striking contrasts. Art Deco silver jewelry is still sought after for its timeless elegance.

Art Deco period ring, French work. Oval shape with openwork decoration, centered with an old cut diamond of approximately 0.50 carats in a closed setting, in a double surround of old cut diamonds.

Silver in Contemporary Jewelry

Money as an Ethical Choice

Today, money is increasingly appreciated for its ethical aspect. Consumers are looking for sustainable and ethical alternatives. Silver is an environmentally friendly choice, making it a popular precious metal in contemporary jewelry.

Silver Jewelry from MEORA Paris

At MEORA Paris, we perpetuate the tradition of silver in jewelry by offering a diverse range of silver jewelry. Our designers create unique pieces that embody elegance, quality and accessibility. Discover our silver rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets, designed to shine on all occasions.

MEORA Paris Silver Jewelry


The history of silver in jewelry is rich and diverse, reflecting eras and cultural influences. From Antiquity to contemporary jewelry, silver has always had a special place. At MEORA Paris, we are proud to perpetuate this tradition by offering quality, elegant and affordable silver jewelry that transcends time.


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