Les bijoux en plaqué or et argent pour les femmes actives
Les bijoux en plaqué or et argent pour les femmes actives


The art of wearing elegant jewelry while leading an active lifestyle

Elegance and activity are not incompatible. Jewelry is an expression of your personal style, whatever your busy lifestyle. In this article, we will explore how to choose gold plated and silver jewelry that is perfect for working women. Discover how to combine elegance and durability to shine every day.

The Choice of Gold and Silver

Why Gold Plated and Silver are Perfect for Active Women

Gold plated and silver jewelry offers the perfect marriage of style and durability. Their ability to withstand daily wear and tear makes them an ideal choice for active women. They retain their shine even with a hectic pace of life.

The Benefits of Sustainability

The durability of gold plated and silver jewelry means they are built to last. You don't have to worry about scratches or damage from constant use. These jewels are ready to take on any challenge.

Style and Versatility

Everyday Jewelry: Necklaces, Bracelets and Rings

Dainty necklaces, elegant bracelets and versatile rings in gold and silver plating are perfect for everyday wear. Their timeless style goes with any outfit, from casual jeans and t-shirts to chic evening dresses.

MEORA Paris Jewelry

Jewelry for Special Occasions

However, these precious metals are not reserved only for everyday use. Gold-plated and silver jewelry transforms into statement pieces for special occasions, bringing a touch of sophistication to any evening outfit.

The Mixture of Gold and Silver

Mixing gold and silver is a fashion trend that allows you to combine these two precious metals in a harmonious way. You can layer gold plated necklaces with silver bracelets for a unique and contemporary look.

Examples of Jewelry for Active Women

Elegant Chain Necklaces

Gold plated and silver chain necklaces are a versatile choice for active women. They fit any occasion, from the office to the gym.

Serpentine chain necklaces, MEORA Paris

Adjustable and Comfortable Bracelets

Adjustable wristbands provide a perfect fit, no matter your activity. Opt for elegant designs that add a touch of sophistication to your wrist.

MEORA Paris gold-plated bracelets

Stackable and Versatile Rings

Gold plated and silver stackable rings allow you to create your own style by combining different textures and patterns. Wear them alone or layered for a personalized look.

MEORA Paris stacking rings

Wear Resistance

High Quality Gold and Silver Plated

Be sure to choose high-quality gold-plated and silver jewelry to ensure it is resistant to wear and tear. Premium materials ensure long life and consistent shine.

Scratch and Water Resistance

These precious metals are scratch and water resistant, meaning you can wear them with confidence, whether during a workout or in the rain. They retain their beauty despite the elements.

Tips for Easy Maintenance

To maintain the shine of your gold-plated and silver jewelry, it is essential to maintain them properly. Clean them regularly with a soft cloth and avoid harsh chemicals that could dull their shine.

Tips for Choosing Jewelry

Consider Your Personal Style

Your personal style plays a key role in choosing your jewelry. Opt for pieces that reflect your unique aesthetic and personality.

Choose Pieces Adapted to Your Lifestyle

Adapt your jewelry to your active lifestyle. If you are often on the move, choose light and comfortable pieces that will not bother you.

Mix and match

Don't be afraid to mix and match different gold plated and silver jewelry to create unique looks. Let your creativity run wild.


Gold plated and silver jewelry is the ideal choice for active women who seek the balance between elegance and durability. Their versatility, resistance to wear and ability to shine in all circumstances make them essential accessories. At MEORA Paris, we offer a range of high quality gold plated and silver jewelry to meet your needs. Explore our collection and find the pieces that match your style and active lifestyle.


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